| Post date: 2023/08/9 | 
- With a focus on security features that assist in protecting visitors from viruses and malware, the websites of all Afarand journals are adequately supported and maintained and use https (all traffic is routed through https).
- Web standards and best ethical practices are applied to the website's application, presentation, and content by those in charge.
- All essential links and information are designed to be easily found on the home page and not confuse users.
- The websites use the specific layout, style, and logo of Afarand Scholarly Publishing Institute.
- All Afarand journals have their own dedicated URL and homepage that is accessible from any location.

All text that has been copied from other websites is referenced.
- In all Afarand journals, the 
aims and scopes, intended audience, type of acceptable papers, authorship standards, editorial board members, instruction for authors, editorial process, licensing terms, copyright terms, and ISSN are prominently displayed on the website home page.

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