Afarand Scholarly Publishing Institute- ASPI Managing Team

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Owners of the ASP Ins.

This scientific institute was established in 2004 by Hamed Bastin (PhD of Logic & Scientific Methodology) and Solmaz Qolizade (Master of Microbial Biotechnology and the Head of the Board of Directors of ASP Ins.).

Managing Team

General Manager

Hamed Bastin (PhD of Logic & Scientific Methodology; Master of Philosophical Logics; Master of Cell & Molecular Biology)

Tel: +989122343057


Executive and Technical Manager

Mehdi Derafshi (Master of Artificial Intelligence)

Tel: +989360229982


Internal and Office Manager

Neda Darreshiri (Master of Management)

Office Tel: +9821 88996659-60

                 +9821 66177168 & 80

Office Fax: +9821 66968677


Chief Language Editor

Somaye Nilforoushan (PhD of English Translation)

Tel: +989126088158


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